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Corinthian Yacht Club of Edmonds was started in 1980 as an offshoot of the venerable Edmonds Yacht Club. Many boats have come and gone since then and we've started to keep a list of previous club boats. The club has always raced a lot, cruised together a little, and socialized some. We have one "big" race and 25 little ones, plus one two day out and back social race. We have one cruise, although we'd like to cruise more. We have two dock parties, two evening social potlucks, our change of watch dinner in November, and our awards potluck in January. We have no clubhouse, we are all volunteer, and therefore we are cheap to join.

Most of us are moored in the Port of Edmonds, but two of us are moored in Kingston and two in Shilshole. We currently have about 70 members. Over 20 boats race and cruise with us actively. Some of us have been sailing for decades, and some started sailing last year. We are a very friendly and welcoming club. We also welcome powerboaters. Although they can't race with us, they can use our reciprocal moorage privileges, cruise with us, socialize with us and volunteer as committee boat and beyond.

If you have any questions, please email us at You can speak to any of our current board members: 

  • Commodore: Michael Fitch (L Marie, Beneteau 43- member since 2018, sailing since 1967)
  • Vice Commodore: Mark Haeckel (Polaris, Catalina 30- member since 2018, sailing since 1980s)
  • Secretary: Peggy McCormick (member since 2008, sailing since 2004)
  • Treasurer: Jim Cooke (Journey, Catalina 320 - member since 2021, sailing since 1995)
  • Fleet Captain: Reini Freywald (Kiwi Express, Farr 1020- member since 1995, sailing since 1970s)
  • Member at Large: Joe Catalano (Salina, Jeanneau 1990 - member since 2017, sailing since 1972) 
  • Past Commodore: Megan Kogut (Elixir, Aphrodite 101, 1978- member since 2006, sailing since 2003)
  • PHRF- NW Handicapper: Jarred Swalwell (Elixir, Aphrodite 1001 -1978 member since 2006, sailing since 1985)

Webmaster - Greg Miller (Aditi, Ericson 28+ - member since 2020, sailing since 2019)

Here's a little bit more about us:

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